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It doesn’t really matter if you are a woman or man, but one of the nastiest things that can take place to your outlook and make your suffer self consciousness is the moment that you are losing your hair. Your options were only to have a hair hair plugs, hair transplants or simply wear wigs. Below are the 10 celebrities that have been wearing wigs, and some were more secret than others.

10. Robert Pattinson

Way back when Robert Pattinson was still 19 years old, he then had to play a role that would take him as much of attention, but his fans will definitely feel bummed by the fact that he is wearing a wig. He had a bad case of early baldness, and so dressing with a wig is totally important for his roles where he has to perform as the heartthrob.

9. John Travolta

John Travolta created his own name back in 1970’s, leading roles in Grease and Saturday Night Fever. Today it is so hard to accept the reality that he getting pretty old, so it must not be a surprise that his hair has been dropping gradually. Travolta has attempted on man wigs even in public, but there are times that he forgets to make a hairpiece. It’s really funny when he is viewed in the same week with 3 diverse lengths of hair.

8. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has been one of the famous actors during the past 20 years. Most people assume that he’s horrible while some others think he is above the top technique is tremendous. Cage has been the lead star in dozens of movies, and he even won Academy Awards. Cage’s normal hair has revealed a hairline that goes a long way up to the reverse side of his head. But still, Cage persists on wearing wigs at any time his filming a movie.

7. Charlie Sheen

He is the son of famous actor Martin Sheen, who has set up for a victorious career in early time. Sheen some time appears like he has a natural head of hair, while some days it’s really obvious that he’s a hairpiece. Charlie Sheen has been mark lately as totally bald, and it seems that he’s not attempting to secret it.

6. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has been an actor ever since 1980’s when he was still a child actor on PBS learning series identified as “The Voyage of Mimi.” Now, whether you believe it or not, Ben Affleck completely bald at a point. After shredding his head in expectation of not showcasing his thinning hairline, we observe a buzz cut artist with a larger bald spot and after that he got a hair transplant.

5. Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey became familiar to the public in Dazed and Confused movie. For many years, he was the on the go actor and it would be rare to see McConaughey having no full head of hair, except that there is a mugshot of him numerous years ago revealing that it was not only was his hair moving back, but it was reduced out like crazy.

4. Chuck Norris

He began his career as an affiliate of the Air Force, but his martial arts ability is what made him popular. After being selected to be in action movies with Bruce Lee, Norris was approved his own TV series. Norris has been the supply of lots of internet jokes and so then accepted the reality that he’s still appearing as the manly superstar, so he doesn’t want people to imagine that he’s going bald, so to combat it, he wears a red wig.

3. Jude Law

Law began his career in the 1980’s in theater before being in the TV role just 2 years later. It wasn’t until the mid 1990’s that he began appearing in films. At some point, Law almost totally bald aside for the odd tiny patches of his hair that was placed at the back and the top of his head and Law has gotten plugs in his hair.

2. Daniel Craig

He was the true version of James Bond having brown eyes and hair. Craig has not exercised a ton of hair like James Bond, but his diminishing hairline denotes that he needed to wear wigs for each of the spy films that he has performed it, but to be fair with him, Craig is only years away from being 50.

1. Jon Cryer

Jon-Cryer began his acting as a teenager since his parents were in the showbiz industry. Cryer landed in tiny roles before his big break in the movie Pretty in Pink in 1986. Cryer’s personality has always had a bizarre head of hair and you can possibly notice when you see his normal hair. Cryer has an strange pattern of baldness and one of his remedies are wigs.